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'C.E.O.' -official clip

Clip: 'C.E.O.'
CIVILIAN's third official clip -[c] The Sausage Orphans Corp. 2016
Clip directed by Kobe Ruysen - [p] Ruysin

'Hallelujahland' -official clip

Clip: 'Hallelujahland (Edit)
CIVILIAN's second official clip -[c] The Sausage Orphans Corp. 2014
Clip directed by Christophe Smets - [p] Picturedistrict - visual material by VTZ & Tom Lenaerts

'Everything Must Die' -official clip

Clip: 'Everything Must Die' (HD)
CIVILIAN's download single and opening track from their debut album -[c] The Sausage Orphans Corp. 2012
Clip directed by Levi Lenaerts - [p] Levideo

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