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'The Second' out now!

Civilian's second album getting rave reviews from all over Europe. 

New dates confirmed!

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  • Rating

    Ashladan metalforum:

    Anyone able to sit still has to be reanimated urgently!

  • Rating

    Aardschok Magazine:

    Obvious musical craftmanship!

  • Rating

    Rock Times:

    Explosive, entertaining and full of change!

  • Rating


    This is really something for the true rock affecionado!

  • Rating

    Metal to Infinity:

    The energy is bursting out of the disc! 

  • Rating

    Keys and Chords:

    12 contagiously appealing tracks!

  • Rating


    Recognisable heavy rock with a modern twist, carved in groove, made with dedication!

  • Rating

    Speakers Webzine:


  • Rating

    Wings Of Death:

    This group is bound to do great things in the future!